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The BEST Motivational Tool EVER

Posted: Feb 05 2014

crossfit temporary tattoos

After witnessing a group of women go completely crazy for henna tattoos at an event in late 2013, I realized that people LOVE the opportunity to rebel just a little.  Spending many years helping build businesses in the health and fitness industry, I also know the make-up of a healthy-minded person and their desire to get and stay motivated.

Trying to find the motivation to finish those last 10 push-ups?  Put our POWER tattoo on your inner arm.  Use it to guide you every single push-up along the way.

Can't even think about one more chin up in that CrossFit class?  Its time for a BEAST MODE tattoo on your bicep, or maybe even on your ripped chest.

Trying to energize and fire up your 6 a.m. daily fitness class? Make sure they have a BAD ASS tattoo to remind them how tough they really are. has provided us the amazing opportunity to meet thousands of health- and wellness-inspired folks.  I built for you and everyone else looking for that extra inspiration to be strong, feel RAD and express love.

Thank you for joining me on the journey to finding our inner bad ass.

Founder and Chief Tattoo Party Officer


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