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Welcome to myTaT.com

Posted: Jan 31 2014

myTaT temporary tattoos

I am so happy you found us!!  My newest venture, myTaT.com, is dedicated to the little bit of bad ass in all of us.  With inspirational art for the fitness- and health-minded world and words of support and strength for others, I built myTaT.com for those of us that really want the self-expression but are just too chicken to get real ink.

We are launching with more than designs and plan to expand very quickly.  Leveraging the digital marketing expertise of my agency, So Fun Media, and our amazing myHealthyOC.com following, we are very excited to make temporary tattoos a daily part of your life.  Like a great watch, a temporary tattoo can be just the accessory or motivational reminder we all need. 

In addition to our professional designs, we offer custom tattoo services for clients looking for a great promotional item. We know that most folks will not wear a regular logo, so we work with you to design something incredibly cool to represent your brand that will also help spread a unique message or offer at the same time.  A customized temporary tattoo set is perfect for events, team building and parties.  Visit our Custom page for more information.

Thank you again for visiting us and I look forward to sticking a little bad ass on you all.

Founder and Chief Tattoo Party Officer



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