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  • Pride is YOU

    Posted: Aug 01 2014

    gay pride temporary tattoos

    It has been 25 years since the first Orange County Gay Pride Festival and myTaT is incredibly honored to attend this year’s OC LGBT Pride event on Saturday, Aug. 9

    UPDATE: We will be at booth 331 on 4th Street.

    As you know, myTaT supports the fight for equality and we are committed to standing up to injustice towards the LGBT community.

    We’ll be rocking temporary tattoos from our pride collection and we’re super excited to showcase our latest designs:

    Pride temporary tattoos

    … as well as our old favorites:

    gay pride temporary tattoo

    We’ll be offering a “Build Your Own Set” for $10 at the event and we'll be at booth 331 on 4th Street.

    If you want to plan your outfit now though, head over to our PRIDE collection and order up your favorites to show off on the big day in downtown Santa Ana.

    Showing your pride and ally status isn’t just limited to the festival. Every morning we all wake up and should proud of who we are and embrace our potential, that’s why this year’s event theme is “Pride is YOU.” Your personal orientation does not matter - it’s about supporting equal rights for all and being proud of that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Who knows, maybe you can be someone’s inspiration!

    Learn more about the event at See you all there!

  • Wanderlust fashion 101

    Posted: Jul 17 2014

    yoga wanderlust temporary tattoo

    Are you ready for Wanderlust? myTaT is and we’re celebrating with a brand new tattoo!

    While we already know we’ll be rocking our new tattoos from July 17 to 20 at Wanderlust Squaw Valley (we're at Booth 112 at the Kula Market in The Greatest Place), we also put together our list of essential items we’ll be wearing this weekend. If you can't make it out for Wanderlust, we love these pieces for any yoga retreat or fun weekend wear.

    We love this Gaiam Sol Power-Grip Yoga Mat, which is great for uneven (read: outdoor) surfaces. While practicing outside may provide many distractions, slipping off your mat should not be one of them.  When you’re out in nature, it is helpful to bring a thicker yoga mat to avoid putting too much pressure on your joints, such as your hips, knees and elbows.

    yoga wanderlust

    After centering yourself in the beautiful outdoors, you don’t want to feel encumbered by your beautiful, yet awkward to carry yoga mat. While a simple Easy Cinch Yoga Sling is sure to do the trick, we prefer a mat bag that comes with a few more pockets so you don’t need to carry an additional bag, like Gaiam’s Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag.

    yoga wanderlust

    You have your gear, but now what are you wearing? Save your black yoga outfit for the indoors, stick to light and bright colors while you’re outside to avoid getting overheated. 

    Our faves include lululemon’s Energy bra top, Anthropologie’s bright capri leggings and Lorna Jane’s Gwen Excel Tank. You definitely don’t want perspiration to spoil your balance so be sure to grab a few no-ouch hair ties from Pura Vida first!

    yoga accessories

    Also, be sure to drink PLENTY of water - we don't want you getting dehydrated out there!

    Remember, we will be hanging out in Squaw Valley for Wanderlust, armed with all of our tattoo sets, as well as doing a “Build Your Own Set” of five tattoos for $10. myTaT will be located in the market next to The Greatest Place (Booth 112), which will be the epicenter for everything exciting happening at Wanderlust. (Plus we're next to The Greatest stage and the drinks!)

    We’ll be keeping you updated with the latest news from the festival and we hope to meet many of you there!
  • Destination: Wanderlust or BUST!

    Posted: Jul 09 2014

    myTaT at Wanderlust Squaw Valley

    myTaT is hitting the road this summer and we are super excited to head up to Wanderlust Squaw Valley. In fact, we’re so excited we are even launching a Wanderlust tattoo to celebrate - stay tuned for the design next week!

    Wanderlust Festivals are about bringing together people from all around the world who are looking to be inspired or who hope to share their own creativity and journey towards transcendence with this amazing community. While aspiring yogis can practice under seasoned gurus, others can experience all nature has to offer in beautiful Northern California; one and all are invited to seek inspiration from speakers, artists, chefs, brand ambassadors and those who do a little bit of everything in this remarkable setting. Wanderlust actually says it best: it’s “an opportunity to unplug from the ordinary and discover the extraordinary.”

    Wanderlust Squaw Valley

    While we will be hanging out in Squaw Valley in search of our own muses, myTaT will also be on hand as a vendor in the Kula Market. (We’ll let you know the booth number as soon as we have it!) Not only will you get to meet the myTaT team, but we’re bringing along all of our tattoo sets, as well as doing a “Build Your Own Set” of five tattoos for only $10

    yoga temporary tattoos

    myTaT will be located in the market next to The Greatest Place, which will be the epicenter for everything exciting happening at Wanderlust this year – from the Wanderlust Spectacular (the Cirque du Soleil of yoga) to world famous yogi DJs.

    Why Wanderlust? After working in the health and wellness industry for so many years, I launched myTaT as a way to inspire others with the positive vibes and sense of kinship that is infused into the health culture. Your personal myTaT not only expresses your individuality, but unites you with others who share your motivations and passions. Wanderlust is the perfect fit to connect myTaT with those who embrace life and seek to live each day to its very fullest.

    We’ll be keeping you updated with the latest news from the festival and we hope to meet many of you there! In the meantime, be sure to check out our yoga set in case you just can’t wait ‘til Wanderlust!
  • myTaT Festival Collection

    Posted: Mar 31 2014

    festival temporary tattoos

    Spring is in the air, the warm weather is coming and we all know what that means. Music festivals!  You name it, we want to be there: Coachella, Lollapalooza, Hangout, Warped Tour, EDC and even all the way in England at Glastonbury.

    Every year, these festivals host some the most talented musical artists from across the globe, and provide a place for the audience to get wild and bask in the ambiance of a creative, carefree and inspiring environment. Festivals are an amazing venue for self-expression and THAT is what we are all about at myTaT!

    As a tribute to the wild child in all of us, we have created the myTaT Festival Collection! These tattoos are the perfect way to express yourself and share your personal inspiration. This collection is all about art, love and taking chances. We’ve put together the perfect tattoos that perfectly represent these ideals: L<3VE, Sugar Skull, You Only Live Once, Wide Wrist Cuff, Peace, All You Need is Love and Infinity (Live, Love).

    Create your own custom tattoo using several of our designs, switch it up every day, or buy a bunch and tat up some friends. There is no right or wrong way to wear them, it’s about being you and being inspired.

    These are the moments that count, and we can’t wait to be a part of this journey with you.