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  • Let’s Celebrate Pride Month

    Posted: Jun 07 2016

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing our LGBT temporary tattoos selling like crazy in celebration of National Pride Month! While same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states, we still have a lot of work to do to ensure that discrimination and bullying is no longer tolerated.

    myTaT- pride-tattoos

    In a world that is filled with terrorism, war, gender inequality, racism, and fear we need to come together as one tribe, for this one thing, and stand up for LGBT love. Openly loving and supporting the LGBT community around us is the first step toward peace.

    5 things we can all do to support LGBT pride and equality forever:

    1. Attend, march and support a local LGBT Pride Event. We love this site for all LGBT Pride events happening in California.

    2. Support a cause that invests in and drives LGBT equality initiatives - HRC, GLAAD, Trevor Project, OutServe-SLDN.

    3. Support an LGBTQ center in your city. You can find your local center here

    4. Buy products that support LGBT equality and causes such as our Gay Pride temporary tattoos and

    5. Focus on our youth. LGBT bullying is at an epidemic level in many of our nations schools. Work with your local schools and districts to support and fund tolerance and anti-bullying initiatives and programs such as the PLUS Program.

    myTaT - same love

    Looking to support your local Pride event in a bigger way? Contact us today about ways that can help with fundraising and awareness with temporary tattoos.

  • Pride is YOU

    Posted: Aug 01 2014

    gay pride temporary tattoos

    It has been 25 years since the first Orange County Gay Pride Festival and myTaT is incredibly honored to attend this year’s OC LGBT Pride event on Saturday, Aug. 9

    UPDATE: We will be at booth 331 on 4th Street.

    As you know, myTaT supports the fight for equality and we are committed to standing up to injustice towards the LGBT community.

    We’ll be rocking temporary tattoos from our pride collection and we’re super excited to showcase our latest designs:

    Pride temporary tattoos

    … as well as our old favorites:

    gay pride temporary tattoo

    We’ll be offering a “Build Your Own Set” for $10 at the event and we'll be at booth 331 on 4th Street.

    If you want to plan your outfit now though, head over to our PRIDE collection and order up your favorites to show off on the big day in downtown Santa Ana.

    Showing your pride and ally status isn’t just limited to the festival. Every morning we all wake up and should proud of who we are and embrace our potential, that’s why this year’s event theme is “Pride is YOU.” Your personal orientation does not matter - it’s about supporting equal rights for all and being proud of that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Who knows, maybe you can be someone’s inspiration!

    Learn more about the event at See you all there!

  • Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival 2014

    Posted: Apr 07 2014

    Miami Beach Gay Pride

    Celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) culture and empowerment is at the core of Pride festivals held all over the world. myTaT is proud to have the perfect accessory for your next Pride event and Miami - we are here for YOU! We know these festivals are all about supporting equality, showing our pride and we have the PERFECT temporary tattoos to wear loud and proud at the Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival 2014.

    Running April 11to 13, the Miami Beach Gay Pride event brings together LGBT members, allies and supporters to revel in the inimitable spirit of the LGBT community. Bring on the beach parties, parade, 125+ LGBT-friendly vendors, musical performances, refreshments, food and a family-friendly play area. The Miami Beach Pride event is sure to be one to remember.

    Looking for that perfect accessory to wear to the event? Our Pride Collection is ready to go, with tattoos that include: I Love Men, I Love Women and Equality Bars (Rainbow). This collection exudes the true essence of what these Pride events are all about, and looks just plain cool to show off!

    So, stick on your favorite myTaT temporary tattoo, snap a great picture or video and share on social media using @myTaTLove and #myTaTLove to spread the message of equality. We will be watching Miami and we know you will be all about having fun and being who you are. Show us your pride!