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  • Finding Inspiration with Temporary Tattoos in Costa Rica

    Posted: Aug 15 2016

    When we dream up our next tattoo design, we always try to think of something that's not only unique, but inspiring as well. That's why we have so many different collections; there really is something for everyone.

    Recently, our tattoos made their way abroad to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica where they were a source of inspiration for a group of yogis who had traveled to the beach to embrace a little Pura Vida.

    myTaT - yoga mini tattoos costa rica

    From our new yoga minis tattoo collection to our classic metallic mandalas, our tattoos continue to be an inspiration for anyone who is looking for a little extra namaste in their day.

    myTaT - yoga mini temporary tattoos

    myTaT - yoga metallic tattoo set

    We were so happy to collaborate with Lauren Taus and her #TausTribe to help add a little extra inspiration to their Costa Rica retreat.

    We believe in providing inspiration in all forms so if you are interested in partnering with myTaT for a future event, we want to hear from you!

    myTaT - metallic yoga tattoo

    *All photos courtesy of David Tufino.

  • Let’s Celebrate Pride Month

    Posted: Jun 07 2016

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing our LGBT temporary tattoos selling like crazy in celebration of National Pride Month! While same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states, we still have a lot of work to do to ensure that discrimination and bullying is no longer tolerated.

    myTaT- pride-tattoos

    In a world that is filled with terrorism, war, gender inequality, racism, and fear we need to come together as one tribe, for this one thing, and stand up for LGBT love. Openly loving and supporting the LGBT community around us is the first step toward peace.

    5 things we can all do to support LGBT pride and equality forever:

    1. Attend, march and support a local LGBT Pride Event. We love this site for all LGBT Pride events happening in California.

    2. Support a cause that invests in and drives LGBT equality initiatives - HRC, GLAAD, Trevor Project, OutServe-SLDN.

    3. Support an LGBTQ center in your city. You can find your local center here

    4. Buy products that support LGBT equality and causes such as our Gay Pride temporary tattoos and

    5. Focus on our youth. LGBT bullying is at an epidemic level in many of our nations schools. Work with your local schools and districts to support and fund tolerance and anti-bullying initiatives and programs such as the PLUS Program.

    myTaT - same love

    Looking to support your local Pride event in a bigger way? Contact us today about ways that can help with fundraising and awareness with temporary tattoos.

  • myTaT at Yoga Journal LIVE in NYC

    Posted: Apr 08 2016

    myTaT recently had the opportunity to attend the Yoga Journal LIVE show in New York City and we could not be more thrilled to share our yoga tattoo collection at the Yoga Market.

    myTaT Yoga Journal LIVE NYC

    In case you didn't know, Yoga Journal is a Boulder, Colorado based media company that started in 1975 and sources some of the best yoga information via print, DVD and interactive. Their live events have become the “must do” for yogis and yoga brands alike. Having attended hundreds of conferences throughout my career, what was great about this event was how accessible it was.

    For those of you that have attended larger events, sometimes the purpose of the event (to educate, heal, and release) can cause too much mayhem and be overwhelming with too many people. The Yoga Journal LIVE event was the perfect size. The Yoga Market was a nice combination of yoga inspired brands, the class schedule was full but not complex, and attendees were lead by some of the top yogis in the world.

    For those of you just setting out to learn more about yoga or are ready to take your practice to a higher or professional level, the Yoga Journal Live Events are the perfect fit. The New York City show kicked off the event tour, but you can find them in your area soon as they will be visiting all four corners of the US throughout 2016.

  • Temporary Tattoos are a Wedding Favor WIN

    Posted: Mar 09 2016

    Tattoos are the hottest new trend in wedding favors, and myTaT is so excited to offer a bunch of fun custom designs for weddings!

    In addition to creating fun, unique custom designs for your special day, we are so excited to announce our newest service, your own pop-up myTaT Tattoo Booth.

    Consider our pop-up tattoo booth your own DIY tattoo station. We provide the entire booth setup including tattoos, water bottles or trays, sponges, etc. and you do the rest!

    myTaT wedding tattoos

    If you are looking for a little something extra, we are offering a full service tattoo booth! We’ll do it it all from start to finish including providing all tattoos, supplies, booth or chair setup, a team to apply your tattoos and anything else you may need!

    The pop-up myTaT Tattoo Booth is the perfect kickoff to your wedding reception or next event, temporary tattoos will be something that your guests will never forget.

    mytat flower tattoos

    Shop our newest wedding tattoos and flower tattoos or let us create a custom tattoo design for you!

    Simply fill in our contact form or email us at and start building your dream wedding tattoo booth today.

  • This one is Personal - Project Semicolon

    Posted: Nov 02 2015





    I could not be more proud of our newest nonprofit partnership with Project Semicolon. They describe themselves as a "movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. Project Semicolon exists to encourage, love, and inspire."


    Something so simple represents something so powerful. I created this tattoo not only to support the Project’s mission, but also to further support the mission of getting a serious conversation started about the self harm epidemic we are experiencing among our teenage population.

    My family’s life has been directly touched by the loss of a beautiful, young girl to suicide. In January 2014 my daughter’s best friend, Jeweliette, committed suicide by overdose. My daughter, husband and I were some of the last people to see Jeweliette on that fateful evening. I have replayed that night in my head 1000 times. Why didn’t I make her stay with us? Why didn’t I make sure she was ok after we left? She seemed so happy, why didn’t I see any signs?

    The questions go on and on, as does the pain. I can’t listen to an Adele song today without crying and thinking about how beautiful she was and how much her and my daughter loved to sing as loud as they could to Adele’s music.

    No parent should ever have to bury their child. As we watched Jeweliette’s father give his eulogy at Jeweliette’s funeral, I can promise you I have never cried so hard in my entire life. Watching hundreds of teenagers, including my daughter, have to say goodbye to their friend is something I hope you all will never have to endure.


    Unfortunately, teenage suicide today is considered an “epidemic” and that is why we all need to come together. Support the efforts of Project Semicolon, wear a MyTaT Project Semicolon Tattoo, and stand together in support of those that need us. MyTaT is proud to donate a portion of all tattoo profits to this great organization striving to make a difference.

     - Shelley Cloyd, Founder