Temporary Tattoos are a Wedding Favor WIN

Posted: Mar 09 2016

Tattoos are the hottest new trend in wedding favors, and myTaT is so excited to offer a bunch of fun custom designs for weddings!

In addition to creating fun, unique custom designs for your special day, we are so excited to announce our newest service, your own pop-up myTaT Tattoo Booth.

Consider our pop-up tattoo booth your own DIY tattoo station. We provide the entire booth setup including tattoos, water bottles or trays, sponges, etc. and you do the rest!

myTaT wedding tattoos

If you are looking for a little something extra, we are offering a full service tattoo booth! We’ll do it it all from start to finish including providing all tattoos, supplies, booth or chair setup, a team to apply your tattoos and anything else you may need!

The pop-up myTaT Tattoo Booth is the perfect kickoff to your wedding reception or next event, temporary tattoos will be something that your guests will never forget.

mytat flower tattoos

Shop our newest wedding tattoos and flower tattoos or let us create a custom tattoo design for you!

Simply fill in our contact form or email us at Events@mytat.com and start building your dream wedding tattoo booth today.