Customize your next temporary tat!

Posted: May 19 2014

Custom temporary tattoos

While we know the world LOVES all of our tattoos, we are very excited about the amount of custom tattoos orders that have come our way.  From bachelorette parties to weddings, non-profits to huge corporate events, we have had some pretty fun projects and can’t wait to see what future orders hold.

Ready to get your own?  The process is super simple.  All you need to do is fill out the Custom Temporary Tattoo Order Form or send us an email at

The fee to produce your own design depends on the following factors:

  1. Do you already have a design in mind or do we need to create one for you?
  2. Tattoo size – smallest we can produce is 1.5” and largest is 6”
  3. Quantity – minimum order is 100, maximum is 100,000
  4. What do you want on the back?  We recommend having the “How to Apply” instructions as well as “Made in the USA.”  From there you can put anything you want - logo, URL, coupon codes, you name it.  The bigger the tattoo, the more room you will have.

Once we have this information we can give you an estimate for the design, production preparation and printing fees.  Typical turnaround once we have the final design completed is two weeks.

Why would you print your own temporary tattoo?  The best answer is, “Why wouldn’t you?!”  Temporary tattoos are the hottest new accessory for any party, event, fitness outfit or as just a daily reminder.  In addition to a really fun way to bring a group together or show the world your passion without permanent ink, myTaT temporary tattoos create an AMAZING photo opportunity.  We all know how much we love to take selfies.  Just think about what would happen if you put your design on a large group and collected their tattoo photos?  What a totally fun way to represent your business, wedding, or team.  Those photos will be shared over and over and over as people share their #mytatlove.

Come on, its time for you to get your own myTaT designed temporary tattoo and let’s have some fun!