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meaningful designs tattoosWelcome to!

After spending many years building businesses and dreaming of having my own product someday, I have finally found a product that I can't live without. 

I love tattoos and I love tattoos on other people, but selecting one design for the rest of my life is a huge, permanent commitment. I created myTaT temporary tattoos with a mission of producing beautiful, meaningful designs that we can all wear on a daily basis. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect support for each day or accessory for your next party or event, myTaT Temporary Tattoos are all about inspiring the world in a fun and unique way. 

Each design is personal to us and inspired by the love and fun that we use to conquer each day.

We hope that you find a myTaT that represents you and where you are going.

- Shelley, Founder and Chief Tattoo Party Officer  

Inspiring temporary tattoos

For fitness freaks, lovers, yogis, dreamers, runners and passionate leaders, is all about inspiring self-expression. Located in Orange County, Calif., we are a division of So Fun Media LLC.  We partner with companies to help build digital brand and revenue, is a passion project that has gone viral and we could not be more excited.  

So Fun Media is also a certified, Woman-Owned Small Business.