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Custom Tattoos

 Make custom tattoo

You should have a tattoo too!

Getting ready for an event and looking for the perfect giveaway?

Throwing a party and looking for the one thing that everyone will remember in the morning?

Bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, retirement party, holiday event, fundraiser..... you name it, we can make an awesome tattoo just for you.


How much will it cost?

The fee to produce your own design depends on the following factors:

1. Do you already have a design in mind or do we need to create one for you?
2. Tattoo size – smallest we can produce is 1.5” and largest is 8”
3. Quantity – minimum order is 100
4. What do you want on the back?
5. Do you need packaging? 

Once we have this information we can give you an estimate for the design, production preparation, printing fees and timing.  

Please contact us at to get started today.