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myTaT Custom Canvas Bags  

Get a custom bag today!

MyTaT's custom canvas bags are the perfect accessory to help you showcase brand style.  These bags also make great giveaways, fundraisers and high margin retail products.

Each bag is made with 100% cotton weave canvas fabric, and can be manufactured in different fabric weights and sizes.

Whether you use your bag to hold your makeup, carry school supplies, shopping, travel and more, our custom canvas bags are the perfect accessory.

How much will it cost?

The fee to produce your own custom bag depends on the following factors:

1. Do you already have a design in mind or do we need to create one for you?
2. How many bags are you looking to create? 
3. Do you need packaging?
4. What size bag?


Once we have this information we can give you an estimate for the design, production preparation, printing fees and timing.

Please contact us at to get started today.