Temporary Tattoo Application & Removal Tips - MyTat | myTaT.com

Application & Removal Tips

To apply your myTaT temporary tattoo:

  1. Make sure your skin is clean and dry.  Remove all lotion, self tanner, sunscreen, etc.
  2. Remove clear plastic cover from tattoo.
  3. Put tattoo face down (sticky side to skin).
  4. Moisten with a wet cloth or paper towel until completely wet.  You will see the design transferring to your skin. This process will take no more than 30 seconds.
  5. Remove paper backing and save to show your friends!

**TIP** to make the tattoo last - apply a thin layer of liquid bandaid on the tattoo after application

To remove your myTaT temporary tattoo:

  1. Use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol, baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil, to gently wipe the tattoo ink off of your skin.
  2. Metallic tattoos can be hard to remove.  After you wear the designs for a few days they should come off with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.  If you need to get them off quickly you can use nail polish remover, but please know that nail polish remover can be very toxic to your skin and we do not recommend or endorse this method.  This should be an emergency solution only.